Anonymous Ads Review –

Anonymous Ads general information:

Anonymous Ads is an advertising platform that doesn’t collect personal data. Anonymous ads units neither contain scripts nor use cookies it is a simple i-frame code. Anonymous Ads offers automatic Bitcoin withdrawals directly to your bitcoin wallet or to your Anonymous Ads account which can be used later on for advertising credit. The network demand is world wide and any verticals are allowed.
Who can join the platform?
Everyone who has a site can join the platform.
The greatest thing about Anonymous ads is the transparent of everything in the platform, from statistics to even automated bitcoin transactions. Everyone can see all network ad units and cpm rates, daily impressions etc, No registration required.
Anonymous Ads network

For Advertisers:

Anonymous Ads Catalog
For advertising campaign there are two traffic setting options:
  1. Daily budget campaign – distribute between ad units during a day in exchange for a share of their impressions.
  2. CPM (in beta) – The advertisers decide the CPM rate and the impressions quantity.
For both settings, language targeting is available (please note that it’s not the regular GEO targeting) and advertisers can choose between text ads or banner ad for the most popular dimensions.
Anonymous ads also allow those advertising verticals:  Gambling, Risky investments, Not safe for work, adult content, Shady, untrustworthy sites. Please note that malicious ads will be banned.
  • A highly targeted campaign is also available if advertisers want to show there ads on a certain site or a certain category by choosing the right targeting at the “catalog” section
Payment method:
The payment method is bitcoin

For Publishers:

Every one who own a site can join as a publisher on Anonymous ads platform. No site requirements and no restrictions.
There are three ad units type of earning money
1. Ad Unit for site – the ad unit will be categorized within 24 hours and than will appear in Anonymous ads catalog.
2. Ad Unit for app – This ad unit can be used for apps, browser extensions or hidden sites, this ad unit type is not being categorized.
3. Ad Unit for affiliate – can be used to participate the Anonymous ads revenue share program: The advertisers will pay the publishers based on their campaign success.
Publishers can decide which type of content are not allowed to be displayed on their site. Of course, disallowing major segments will affect the revenue.
The bitcoin revenue depends on quality and category of particular ad unit. Only globally unique clicks and unique impressions are counted.

Withdrawal thresholds:

As a response to Bitcoin congestion problems, Anonymous Ads increased the minimum withdrawal threshold to 0.001 BTC and the default withdrawal threshold to 0.002 BTC. Before that the minimum was only 0.00001 btc!
Although the platform minimum is 0.001 BTC the user has the possibility to withdraw smaller amount to a micro-payment system called FaucetSystem a user-agnostic service that accumulates off-chain micro-transactions.