a-ads.com (AnonymousAds) Review – Best Bitcoin AdNetwork


The clear design of the a-ads.com website enables a fairly quick understanding of what this site is about and what they offer. On top of the homepage they show the exact numbers concerning the daily performences of the complete A-Ads network at a glance. So you get an idea about the network size. They even show how much Bitcoin were earned by the running campains of one day.

Topics / Categories at Anonymous Ads

The Anonymous Ads Bitcoin ad network currently includes the following ad site categories:
Earning online, Bitcoin, Blogs, Links & Catalogs, Online tools & Software, Entertainment, Business, Goods &, Services, NSFW, Community sites, Education, News, IT, Life and Finance.
On the stats page of a-ads.com (top menue) you find the percentages of traffic for the different categories. At the moment there is constantly a relatively high percentage of sites which have to do with earning bitcoin online. This can be bitcoin faucets, gambling sites, lotteries and this kind of stuff. The „unknown“ category, which you see in their stats, is also relatively large, but this just shows the amount of new publisher sites which signed up in that period. New publisher sites first automatically get into the „unknown“ category, till they get manually sorted into the right category by an a-ads.com stuff member within 24 hours.

Campaign Types

Anonymous Ads works with CPM and CPC campaigns. (Pay per 1000 impressions or pay per click)
The ad types are text ads and banners.

Signing up at A-Ads.com

The signup is as simple as possible: Choose a username and passwort and use an anonymous e-mail address which you only use for this kind of business. This way your account is really completely anonymous.

PUBLISHERS: Earning Bitcoin with Anonymous Ads Network

As a publisher of a-ads.com you sell ad space on your website for eather text ads or banners. As a modern provider they of course also support mobile ads.
A-Ads is a global network with publishers and advertisers form many countries. Check they stats page (top menue), if you have specific traffic, to see the network scope in this case. (Check the countries & languages).

A-Ads.com Network Fee

Anonymous Ads get 20% of the CPM and CPC campaigns‘ turnover. From the rest you get your rev-share.

Become an A-Ads.com Publisher

So if you want to earn Bitcoin with A-ads.com by selling ad space on your blog or website, it’s super easy to start:
Click on „Earn“ at the top menue and simply start filling the form with your information.
1. The very first step is to choose the size of the ad space you want to offer on your website. There are many different pixel based sizes ranging from 120 x 60 px up to 990 x 90 px (Note that the width is always stated first!). The last one would really be a massive ad space. As there are more than 20 different sizes to choose, for sure you find a fitting one for your website.

2. Fill in your website address
(URL with http://..)
3. Check the filters to make sure no unconvenient ads will be placed on your website. (Ban porn, gambling or other shady content). But note that these kind of categories could increase your earnings dramatically as they are higher profit niches than others. But it of course depends on your site if you can allow these topics or if it’s a no go.

Actual CPM and CPP numbers!
Next to the filters you can see the actual CPM and CPP numbers, which means how much you can approximately earn when reaching a thousand impressions of an advertisement or a click perfomance on an ad on your site.

4. Set your withdraw data: Although they have 2 choices for withdrawl settings. Either you choose „to bitcoin address“ and fill in a btc wallet address for the specific ad unit, or you choose withdrawl to account. This means your ad units‘ earnings will be sent to your user account and then the resulting money will be withdrawn centrally, as opposed to separately unit by unit. Which means faster withdrawals.
The bitcoin ad network’s withdrawal threshold defaults to 0.01 BTC for new accounts, but you can adjust this setting in your account. Still there is the absolute minimum payout amount of 0.0001 BTC, which is 10,000 Satoshi.
Withdrawls can take some time, up to serveral hours since your claim, as the Bitcoin ad network needs to verify the transaction multiple times.
So when you’ve finished creating the ad unit you get your unique html code which needs to be put in the html code of your website. Now your account has also automatically been created. Keep the access data save.

ADVERTISERS: Advertising with A-Ads.com

If the topic of your landing page fits one of the bitcoin ad network’s categories, you are ready to start your campaign.
Note: NSFW, gambling and shady are allowed. You only get less publisher sites to choose, as some ban these topics.
Click on „Advertise“ in the top menue and you are already in the „create ad“ section where you just need to fill in some information. 

Creating a Text Campaign

When creating a text campaign, fill the 4 fields concerning this kind of ad. Then you can ignore the banner upload part.
Note that the title and the text has to be well chosen as it can cause massive differences concering the performance and effectivity of your ad!
Then add your URL and choose the language of your ad. This way it can be placed on sites in the right countries.
What I see as a plus incase of the A-ads.com text campaigns is that they look a little alike google adsense ads. So users might see them as normal, kind of trusted suggestions. 

Using Banner Ads

If you want to use banner ads instead of text ads, upload your banners in the supported file sizes. In this case you don’t need to fill the text lines for text campaigns. The little question mark shows the exact list of possible banner sizes. Create the banner precisely within one of those dimensions as otherwise it won’t fit in the ad spaces on the publisher sites.

Set Your Daily Bitcoin Budget

Descide about your daily budget. This setting is of course very helpful as it allows precise cost controlling and you can be sure never to invest too much. The sliding bar allows you to see estimated traffic for each particular daily budget, which is a great feature at this place.
This is also the place where you can put in a coupon code, if your should have got one somewhere.
Now create the Campaign!

Set The Right Targeting

On the next page you get your account details which you must keep savely. There you can work with further campaign settings which allow a more precise targeting which means a more cost effective ad campaign.
You can even choose specific publisher sites out of the complete catalog of websites. So it’s really totally transparent which sites are participating as puslishers and you can choose the exact units for your ads if you like. Or you just pic categories without picking specific publsher sites. If your ad is NSFW, gambling or shady, the catalog of ad units is of course reduced, as many publishers disallow these topics.
Decide about the perfect day time when your ads should be shown. As well as about the countries and even how often a certain user should get shown the same ad of yours in which time period. These settings are really easy to find and adjust.
When everything is perfect, you can let the ad go live on the Anonymous Ads publisher sites.
You can check the statistics of your running campaign at any time in your account.