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Adsnetwork Review | Having its headquarter in London, the Unruly Media ad network was established in the year of 2006. Currently, it has become the pioneer of the social video advertising due to the implementation of the proprietary technology which has industry recognition.  The content advocates, as well as brands can easily be identified by this ad-network only for the presence of this advanced technology. The outreach program of this ad-network ensures the earning of higher revenues by reaching to the targeted audiences. Unruly Media belongs to the list of ad networks that provide advertising services on Facebook.

The commission types offered by this ad-network comprises of CPM as well as video too. Though this ad-network uses PayPal as its payment method for all the clients, the payment frequency is maintained as the NET30 basis only. The minimum payout amount is fixed at $50.

Remarkable features:
  • This ad-network is featured with the first supply side platform which enables the premium publisher to report each out-stream video demand.
  • Brand safety, as well as protection against the fraud systems is ensured due to the presence of the Unruly Shield.
  • The business impact, as well as the emotional impact of your ads can easily be measured by the integrated content evaluation tool i.e. Unruly EQ.
  • The demand sources for all videos get unified in a well-managed way which in the other hand elevates the fill rates as well as CPMs too.
  • The transcoded video by this ad-network can easily be displayed by the Flash player & HTML5 too. This helps to increase the publicity of the brands.
  • The advertisers are allowed to implement the technique of emotional targeting to their video buys for the first time only. The brand favourability, as well as purchase intent gets elevated by 74% & 80% respectively due to this specialized targeting.
  • The sales impact gets significantly increased due to the presence of the Unruly DNA, which is an AI-powered audience targeting tool. It provides demographic as well as psychographic targeting.
  • Native ads which are compatible with different platforms get easily distributed by this ad-network which is considered as one of the remarkable advantages of this ad-network.
  • Apart from providing unique looks to the content, the viewer engagement becomes maximized due to the presence of the integrated in-page player of Unruly.

After considering all of the above features, it can be inferred that joining with this ad-network will surely be a great step either for increasing your revenue or to increase the publicity of your brand.
Hope this Unruly Media review will be helpful for both publishers and advertisers. In case you have used it before, please share your experience with us in the comment section.

Monetization Platforms

Websites, Apps, Social Media

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Payment Imformation

Net 30