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Adsnetwork Review | 152Media Review: Being mainly based in the Alabama, USA, 152 Media has its offices in Latin America. This ad-network always tries to provide almost 100% monetization over the international inventory thus ensures the earning of the advertisers as well as publishers too. It provides 10 billion monthly impressions which make it one of the growing ad-networks. The best ever optimized result has always been presented due to the implementation of the multiple opportunities for advertising, constant campaign optimization as well as creative management & approval too.

Payment methods: The advertisers under this network need to pay via CPM, CPC, Auction & CPA method whereas this ad network pays its publishers only on the basis of the revenue share & CPM too. The payment frequency for the publishers is on the NET30 basis.

Network Details: This network is mainly blind or transparent or direct relationship based.

Market in the advertising field: According to the geographic perspective, it has acquired a considerable part of the international market. The advertising market of this ad network company mainly deals with the fields like news, technology and computing, sports, travel, hobbies and interest, gaming, education, business, personal finance, style, and fashion etc.

Advertising formats: This ad-network mainly offers advertising formats of different resolution e.g. 468X60, 728X90, 120X600, 160X600, 300X250, 300X600, 336X280, 720X300 pop-under ads and rich media ads too.

Targeting options: 153 media mainly works on the basis of the targeting options like site specific, demographic, geographic, contextual, re-targeting, purchase based, channel targeting etc. This wide range of targeting options will help the advertisers to reach a specific audience to gaining better publicity.

Reporting/Analytics: Real-time reporting, as well as site filtering, is the two most used reporting technique for the advertisers under this ad-network whereas publishers experience real-time reporting as well as site filtering too.

Banned Contents: All types of adult contents are strictly prohibited by this ad-network. So, if you are dealing with such contents, it’s better to avoid this ad network.

Final Verdict: Though it’s a growing ad network, you may expect a satisfactory level of earning after reaching a certain limit of monthly impressions. Publishers will also experience sufficient publicity as it has an international entity. That’ why choosing this ad-network will surely be a wise decision for you.

Monetization Platforms


AdNetwork Type

Affiliate Networks, CPA, CPC/PPC , CPM

Targeting Method

Contextual, Demographic, Geographic, Purchase-based, Re-targeting, Site-Specific

Ad Formats

Pop up/Pop under, Standard Banners

Publisher Requirments

Not Specified
Not Allowed
Not Allowed

Payment Imformation

Net 30
No info