√ Smaato Income and Payment Proof

I want to share my experience with memotize blog by using Smaato

Smaato is a CPM-based advertiser program, formerly known as working with Indosat to increase advertising on the internet. Smaato supports blog bertraffic Indonesia and presents ads in the form of banners, videos, native ads and many more.Until now, I have noticed that Smaato is only promoting mobile ads, so do not be surprised when it comes to desktop ads rarely appear.

Here's the Smaato details:
  •  Minimum payout : Free
  •  Payment method : Paypal, Wire Transfer
  • Payment Period : Net60 (once every 60 days)

One of the things I like about smaato is they do not limit the minimum payout, even if you just have $ 1 balance, you can make a withdrawal immediately. It's just that, you need to wait for each period of their payment, they pay publishernya every 2 months.

I put an ad smaato along with google adsense is almost 5 months, and I do not receive a reprimand from adsense, which means google does not mind if they put their ads with other advertisers.

Proof of payment smaato :

Report / Report earnings per day :
Income smaato lumayan.PNG
Income smaato sizable 2.PNG
Income smaato sizable 3.PNG

Every time you want to withdraw, you can not do it in dashboard smaato, you have to send email to support and then you will be contacted via email by acoount manager, there you will be asked how much balance you want to draw, then you will be asked to fill out the form W8-Ben (many filling tutorials are on the internet), after which, you will be required to wait until the next payment period is made.