√ It's a Review and Criteo Payment Proof

Criteo Reviews

Continuing the article I wrote earlier about Criteo, in this article kang erik will only focus on providing a special review on payment or payment criteo.

As you know, this criteo payment system uses net 30 system, meaning payment will be made after 30 days of calculating total revenue for a month. For example, during this month (from 1 to 30 November 2016) you can earn 60 euros, then the 60 euros earnings will be sent to your account by the end of December 2016. Usually the last week of December, between the 24th Until the 31st.

Oh yes, the minimum amount of income to be paid by the criteo is 50 Euro. So if in one month of this income agan cyst has not reached 50 Euro, then agan cyst will not get paid in the next month. Income less than 50 euros will be added or added to the next month's earnings. This criteo system is very similar to Google Adsense system, only minimum payoutnya different, criteo 50 euros while Google Adsense 100 Dollar.

If according to kang erik not only in the payment system is very similar to Google adsense, but the type of ads and ads that appear is very, very similar to adsense, clean and pleasing to the eye. To find out how to list criteo and other things, please agan sista just read kang erik previous article entitled Seminggu Together Criteo, This He Results and Review .

The proof of payment criteo blog kang erik own is as follows: 

From the picture above is known that the transfer money from criteo entered on November 25, 2016 with a total of 68.8415 Euro. Actually Criteo earnings kang erik last October 2016 amounted to 73 Euro. It's just cut the cost of BCA which he said for 5 USD, so the total money coming in only amounted to 68.8415 Euro only or if dirupiahkan only Rp. 973.187, - only. A little indeed, but yes Alhamdulillah dapet too, than not dapet at all, hehe.

Well so review and proof of payment criteo that can kang erik convey. Essentially criteo is not a scam, proven to pay. It's just net 30 system. If confused with net 30, similar to adsense is so. Oh yes, since this criteo payment is only paid through a bank account, so you should not write any bank account information on the Criteo bank section, especially on the swift code and the Bank Identifier Code.