√ How To Register Outstanding PPC Chitika With High Pay

Chitika Ads Review  - How to Register Outstanding PPC Chitika with high pay . On this occasion I will explain how to register chitika ads as one of the advertising agencies from abroad, before outlining the fact how to earn money from blogs by being a chitika publisher you better know first about this Chitika advertising company.

How to List Chitika . What is Chitika? Chitika is one of the overseas PPC Advertising company. The more paid / free website or blog or own domain or free subhosting then the need for digital information on the internet more complete for a content or articles, as the owner of the blog in addition to sharing information in cyberspace as well as the source of searching for sustenance or income from the internet with join and list Chitika ads.

How to make money in the form of dollars from blogs or websites that are owned for an admin by selling online like selling genuine software licensed and also a publiser ads from advertising distributors. Website in addition to sharing and other sharing tools for visitors and special admin or website owner the opportunity to get tens, hundreds of dollars only one share capital through a free or premium blog by choosing a publisher PPC ads abroad and there baikanya you view and register to the manager of advertising company Namely Chitika . 


How to list Chitika? Easy enough for a blog admin because this ad company provides the best for an ad publisher such as the payment of every valid or legitimate ad click. Moreover, the company is a bureau perikalan many blogs that have become partners (publisher Chitika). Advertising from Chitika will be paid with an economical value with very simple requirements and do not need to bother your blog's origin clean from spammy spam.


Payments from ad clicks in Chitika's advertising company are high enough and bloggers have withdrawn money from Chitika with a fairly high dollar value. Is a blog will be given a commission when it is more than $ 10 funds can be received via Paypal account.

That's the little bit about the PPC Chitika ad dealer if you're interested in being the publisher of the ad publisher it's time to join Chitika. Now go to the registration stage to become a Chitika publisher as follows: 

Well above a bit about the chitika company and now step into the stages of how to list outgoing pcc chitika outdoors with the following high pay :


1). Please go to Chitika website select Publisher or here http://chitika.com
2). The new page opens in your " Create Your Chitika Account " input data that is in need like the screenshot below:

Explanation of the screenshot above:

• " Primary Url ": Fill with blog address There.
• " Country ": Choose an Indonesian country if you are domiciled in Indonesia, choose another country according to your country. Eg United kingdom.
• " Firs Name ": Fill in your first name.
• " Last Name ": Fill in your last name.
• " Email Adress ": Enter your valid email address later for confirmation.
• " Confirm Email Adress ": Repeat your email as above. Above.
• " User Name ": Fill in your nickname. Eg Erica664
• " Password ": Enter a unique password or password that is easy but hard to guess.
• " Confirm Password ": Enter password again as first and must be same.
• " ReCapcha ": Put again the same code as in the picture.
• " Sign In ": Once everything is complete click Sign in click to proceed to the next stage.
3). Waiting for email from chitika party as confirmation of your account received or rejected takes 1 to 1 week.
4). At number 3 there is an email from chitika and your account is accepted then you are automatically registered chitika publisher. Log in access to your chitika account, please " Login ".


1). After login then you are in the main page chitika account have you, it's time to put chitika ads on blog. Units and chitika ad sizes are numerous and please choose as needed and the size of your template. Please click on " Ad setup " then " Text Ads ".

2). For the next page you can set the color combination and the size and color of links and many other settings. If it is enough please click on " Get code ".

3). It will open the ad code script please copy the ad code of your choice and ready in pairs on the blog.
There is also a choice of ad modes on this chitika page by entering in the menu section " Domain and Apps " then there are 3 choices of ad modes you can choose, such as the mode of advertising Links, Hover and Highlights as well as explanation on this page, please read your own ya. Then click on " Update ". For example Hover ads below:

That's the explanation on how to list the publisher chitika PPC hopefully the above article useful and make your blog as a money field that can PO every month from chitika.