√ Comparison of Income PopAds, PopCash, PropellerAds, Adsoptimal, and Smaato

As a reference for fellow bloggers here, this time I will share my experience in using 5 advertiser sites that are often used by bloggers to make money. The above five advertiser companies are ads that share CPM-based commissions, in other words the commissions given will increase as much as the ads are served.

PopAds, PopCash, PropellerAds, Adsoptimal and Smaato are 5 frequently questionable advertiser sites, which generate more revenue? To answer that question, I will review these four ads thoroughly.

Ad Details
Each advertiser's site has its own policy of governing its publishers. Includes payment policies, payment methods, payment periods and ad types presented. Here I will describe the ad details of these five sites:

Review :
Here is a review of my experience installing each of these ads. You can see the earning ratio obtained from the available shoot screen. In this review, I use a blog with traffic ranging from 8-12k Pageview per day. For popunder ads, I just turn them on desktop and do not enable them for mobile viewing

Screenshot of popads.png earnings

The first one is PopAds, as long as I use popads, there is one thing that really annoys me, that is, the ads that come up and appear, in addition to the ads that show up, the impression on the dashboard PopAds is very different from my original blog traffic -12k PV per day).

But PopAds has an advantage, which can set any type of ad that may appear, such as the choice of ad type (Pop-under / Pop-up / Tab-under / Tab-Up), the ad can be voiced or not, auto- Video) or not, all of which can be set in the Add-Site menu.

Still, in my experience, PopAds revenue is the worst of all ads in this review

Earnings ngeblog.png

PopCash is not much different from PopAds, the same earning and impression are not the same as the blog traffic. Only PopCash Ads appear only once for 1 IP

Therefore, I think PopCash is better than PopAds.

Screenshot of income from propellerads.JPG
Screenshot of income from propellerads 2.JPG

As long as I use PropellerAds, I always feel comfortable, because the ads are presented not only Popunder, but Banner and other mobile ads.

For now, PropellerAds ads that provide the greatest revenue are Onclick / popunder ads, the price of the PropellerAds popunder ads may be priced at 3-5x the price of Banner ads. You can also add Ad Interstitial ads and Mobile Push-ups to increase your earnings from mobile visitors, both of which are priced high.

Unfortunately, PropellerAds does not provide Paypal payment method for everyone (you must request to support to withdraw the balance of PropellerAds using Paypal), therefore you must prepare Payooner to withdraw.

Due to the large variety and stock of ads, I think PropellerAds is the best advertisement in this review.

While Still Becoming Premium Publisher
Comparison income cpm highest and highest income 2.JPG
After Being a Regular Publisher
Comparison income cpm highest and highest income 3.JPG

The advertiser program is quite confusing for its publishers, because most people are confused about whether Adsoptimal is a CPM or PPC ad, as many blogs review that 'Adsoptimal is CPM ad', while in the adsoptimal dashboard, the staff prohibits publishers from clicking on their own ads ( PPC)

Adsoptimal is an advertiser site that works with Google Double Click & Criteo, so do not be surprised if the ads shown are very similar to Google Adsense.

From my experience advertising Adsoptimal, I feel the earnings are very much, because per day I can earn earnings of $ 2- $ 6, at least that happens when my blog is still in premium publisher status, after my blog is downgraded to publisher biasa TOS), I get unsatisfactory income, you can see it in the SS below

If only my account is still in premium publisher status, this is probably the best advertiser program in this review.

Income smaato lumayan.PNG
Income smaato sizable 2.PNG
Income smaato sizable 3.PNG

Here maybe there are still many who are still unfamiliar with this one advertiser program, but because of keingannya I was interested in trying this one ad.

Smaato is an advertiser program that promotes their ads for mobile ads, so if you just signed up for smaato and do not see ads appearing deskop look, try to see your ad in mobile view.

Unfortunately, the number of smaato ads can be fairly unstable, sometimes appear and sometimes not, when the advertiser is there are many, the income you earn can be said to be tolerable.

Proof of payment
Here is a proof of payment proving that the five ads above are not spam and proven to pay publishernya.

Cpm best blog blog indonesia with highest pay 4.png PopCash
Cpm best blog blog indonesia with highest paid 5.png
(Screenhot is not available, have not had time to payout for not having Payooner)
Cpm best blog blog indonesia with the highest paid 2.png
Cpm best blog blog indonesia with highest paid 9.PNG
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