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AdSpyGlass Review: The main idea behind AdSpyglass is that publishers will be connected to a number of different ad networks in a single account and the AdSpyGlass system will automatically decide where to sell the views to receive the greatest profit. Publishers can manage all the ads from one interface and maximize revenue.
Currently, AdSpyglass has been handling two types of ad placements. One is the standard array of ad banners, like the same that you integrate into the sidebar of your website or into the header of the site. They also handle popunder ads, which are very popular among both ad networks and advertisers. They also provide Anti-Ad Block feature to the publishers

Bring All Ad Networks At One Place

AdSpyglass is compatible with a number of ad networks, some of which are mentioned in the image below.
Publishers will be able to find a good range of ad networks here that accommodate a variety of niches. AdSpyglass recommends its users to start with at least three or four ad networks in order to get a significant advantage. The more ad networks you add, the chance will be better to have extra dollar for your ad space.

Dashboard and Getting Started

It is free to sign up for an account with AdSpyglass and they offer 30 days of free access with the system. Approval to the system usually take a couple of minutes.
Hope this AdSPyGlass Review will be helpful for publishers to increase their revenue. If you have already tried it, please share your experience with us in the comment section given below.