√ AdClickWall Review | Offerwall GPT, PTC and Payment Proof - Ad Network

Ad Click Wall – Offerwall is an incentive friendly affiliate network providing high paying and top converting offers in the industry.Monetize your GPT or Rewards website by placing our offerwall.We do care for advertisers and provide huge traffic within affordable costs.Our team is always a step ahead to provide full and proper support to it’s publishers and advertisers.te under marketplace.

Features for Publishers:

  • Increase your income by placing offerwall on GPT, PTC or Rewards website.
  • Instant Approval Sign Up and get your account
  • Instant Approval Sign Up, get an account immediately approved.
  • Full Support
  • Fast Payouts $5 Minimum Payout via PayPal within weeks.
  • Wide Offers Categories Wide selection of offers

Features for Advertisers:

  • Get huge traffic within affordable Ad costs.
  • Various Ad Formats such as PTC Ads, Paid Tasks and Banners.
  • System prevents fraud by blocking clicks by proxy, allowing only 1 click per IP
  • Secure Payment GEO
  • GEO Targeting

Hope this AdClickWall review will be helpful for both publishers and advertisers. In case you have used it before, please rate it!!! and share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Monetization Platforms

Websites, Apps, Video

AdNetwork Type

Affiliate Networks, Auction Based, CPA, CPC/PPC , CPI , CPL, CPM, CPV

Targeting Method

Demographic, Geographic, Site-Specific

Ad Formats

In-Text Ads, Standard Banners, Video Ads, Custom Ads, Link ads, Sponsored Content

Payment Imformation

Net - 7, Net - 15, Net - 30
PayPal, Payza, Wire transfers