√ Ad Placement Which Is Prohibited And Violates Adsense Policy

Playing google adsense not only comply with the policy (TOs) in the application in the article only, but also must understand about the prohibited advertising placement. Many bloggers in particular I do not understand properly about this, like me and they place ads as much as possible which is important in a strategic place and potentially to be clicked by visitors. But it turns out many things or the ban that has been set by the adsense provider, so placing the ads must be in accordance with the procedures and policies of google adsense.
The placement of ads that are prohibited in pakteknya still many that are violated by many bloggers, this is causing the value of advertising is no longer relevant in the eyes of visitors, and the cause of the value of adsense ads to be low. Creating ads that seem to resemble a page and deliberately deliberate visitors to the ad is an action that is prohibited by the adsense provider, and cause your adsense account has the potential to be banned.
Adsense ad placement policies
The image above is taken from the official source of a well-defined ad placement policy regarding the applicable ad placement rules in google adsense. This should be noticed by the bloggers for success in playing google adsense. The main thing about the placement of ads that are banned are often violated by the bloggers are as follows.
Maximum number of adsense ads in one page
Publisher can put 3 units of adsense ads for content in a blog page of different size or 3 link units and a maximum of 2 search boxes. So do not exceed the maximum number of ads that have been set for the show.
The above ad limit also applies to mobile sites. In addition, two or more AdSense ads may not appear on screen simultaneously on mobile sites. Tips for this is to install an ad unit of different sizes, from the ad placement above, to the middle or bottom of the post.
Ad placement in areas prone to click errors
Prohibited from placing ads that have the potential to make accidental clicks by visitors, adsense parties do not allow placing ad slots in areas that are very close to links, play buttons, navigation buttons and so on that lead to "click errors", for example, below this.
Banned ad placement

Make a special mark on the ad
Ad publishers are prohibited from adding any special marks to advertisements that may be images, directions, or specific code codes that point directly to the ad, this includes a striking animation that draws the user's eye to the ad, or arrows and symbols that lead to the ad. Well, this includes the application of sticky (floating box scripts) that are not allowed, which causes the ad to appear in the "sticky" position on the page as the user scrolls down.
Add labels to ads
Publishers are not allowed to add any labels to the ad, such as adding "info source" or "helpful info", "interesting links", "help this blog stay current", "our sponsor" and so on Or persuade a visitor to click on an ad link. Publishers may only label ads with "Ads" or "Sponsored Links". No other variation allowed.
Place adjacent and adjacent to images
Another thing that is not allowed is to put an ad adjacent to the image, or close to the image, because it will affect the visitor and think the ad is an image. This includes deceptive visitors and prohibited by the adsense.
Ad placement on the content layout below the fold
For this information, it is not permissible to place ads above the content while the original content is placed underneath, this will force the visitor to shift the page first (after the ad) and then find the original content / post. It is also not allowed, this also applies to mobile sites.
Formatting content to mimic ads
There should be a clear distinction between display and advertising content, not allowed to modify image content that resembles an ad form. This is also prohibited by the adsense, example like the picture below.
Sample images from google
This is often called by the pengenggra adsense, which is to save money advertiser or party advertisers with advertising activities that are not reasonable to the publisher's ads are placed in certain parts of the web / blog. Google adsense parties only want visitors who only do legitimate clicks, or do not confuse visitors who will assume that the ad is the actual content.
Well, that's some of the rules of placement of ads that are prohibited and considered to violate the provisions and policies of adsense organizers, although already accepted adsense and can serve ads on some blogs, sometimes we are not aware of the error. This is our ad worth small and prone to banned. If you do not want to regret, immediately fix the layout of your adsense ads that do not violate the above provisions. May be useful.