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Corepopads is an innovative online network or platform for the exchange of pop type advertisements. This international advertisement serving network holds about more than 200 advertisers and DSP partners all over the world.

Features of Corepopads:

  • It offers an easily usable interface with ADM server.
  • The advertisement frequencies provided by corepopads include 1/1, 1/8, 1/12, and 1/24.
  • It is operated on the basis of CPM bid model provided by the DSP partners.
  • It contains a highly supporting team of professionals, who are helping the users of this network on a 24*7 basis.
  • It can be accessed over mobiles, desktops and tablets.
  • It offers highly competitive rates to the users in comparison with the market rates.
  • It delivers 10% income to its promoters and publishers through its unique referral program.

Services offered by Corepopads to Publishers:

  • It helps the website publishers in monetizing their application or site traffic in an effective manner.
  • It issues a quick and faster approval to the publishers in order for them to perform monetization of the websites.
  • It permits the publishers for frequency changes or adjustments in order for them to display their prioritized advertisements.
  • The revenue as well as the performance can be tracked by the publishers on a real time basis.

Restrictions for publishers:

  • The websites of the publishers must not contain the following contents Malware, Spam, Gambling, Spyware, Hacking Viruses, Adware, Child pornography, Adult content etc
  • The published contents must be worthy and must enhance the value to the site visitors.
  • Corepopads does not encourage the sites with no content or poor content.
  • It allows only one interstitial or pop advertisement tag for a page.
  • The publishers must not involve in the fake traffic generation by using PTC sites, traffic exchanges, bots, proxies,  and websites with auto-refreshing modes.
  • The publishers must not hold more than one account in the corepopads network.
  • The publishers must not issue any gift or money to the users for viewing advertisements.

Payment Details:

  • Corepopads make payments on time to its users (Publishers) on the basis of NET 5 method. That means, the payouts are delivered by the 5th day of each and every month.
  • The minimum amount need to be maintained in the network is 10 Euros.
  • Its commission types include CPV, CPI, CPS, CPL, CPA and CPM.
  • The payment options used in corepopads are Skrill and PayPal.


Advertisement Formats:

Following are the types of ad formats supported by corepopads network:
  • Interstitial advertisements
  • Direct or smart or Pop under advertisements
VSH Business Centre, Kosice city, Slovakia, European Union.

Monetization Platforms


AdNetwork Type


Ad Formats

Floating Ads, Pop up/Pop under
Smart-Ad, In-Action , Direct Link or Interstitial Ad

Publisher Requirments

Not Specified
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Not Allowed

Payment Imformation

Net 5
10 Euro