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 Adcy.net, which is a portion of Adrigs.com is an online platform or network for advertising, where the advertisers can be able to enhance their ROI rates by reaching the effective and targeted audiences (with targeted traffic). The publishers can also be able to improve their revenue rates with the help of the quality traffic.The RTB (Real Time Bidding) offered by this platform helps the users to attain their heights and goals. It offers several programs related to the model of display ads, search ads, and video ads. Even in the highest volume, rapid growing and most complicated areas of digital advertising, it executes media campaigns. It has been proved as the best advertising network due to its high-quality service and famous identity.


Unique statistics of Adcy.net:

Adcy.net holds a variety of genuine and professional advertisers and publishers all over the world. It contains about more than 100 happy clients and those clients are found in around more than 55 countries in the world. This platform experiences more than 1 million advertisement clicks per day with impressions of around more than 50 billion monthly.
Types of Advertising:
  • Search advertising: It involves searching of advertisements by typing the keywords and counting the clicks. It is operated on the basis of CPC model.
  • Display advertising: It involves displaying the advertisements and counting the impressions for ad views. It is operated on the basis of CPM model.
  • Video advertising: It involves displaying video advertisements and measuring the ad spaces with the help of Real Time Bidding (RTB).

Working procedure of Adcy.net:

Adcy.net operates on the basis of the following steps:
  1. Discussion: It interacts with the customers about their requirements and needs and then discusses those needs with its dedicated and professional team.
  2. Design as well as testing: It creates various ad campaigns and offers those campaigns to the best suited channel. After that, it begins to test whether the customers’ requirements are fully satisfied or not.
  3. Delivery: It delivers valuable services, which highly focuses on customer satisfaction. In order to enhance the performance rates, it facilitates the addition of several other sources.

Services offered by Adcy.net:

  • It offers best and high quality traffic to the users.
  • It provides a simple and excellent feature for selling and buying advertisements.
  • It offers a variety of channels like display, search and social media to reach valuable customers all over the world.

Services offered by Adcy.net to the advertisers:

  • It creates a link between the advertisers and the customers to satisfy the aim of advertisement campaigns. This is made possible with the help of various ad formats and channels offered by the network.
  • Around 100 million users are visiting the network per month, thereby helping the advertisers in maximizing their ROI rates.
  • It provides worldwide display of advertisements including the United States.
  • It ensures traffic sources of around more than 100 and page views of around 40 billion+ per month.

Services offered by Adcy.net to the publishers:

  • It makes the publishers to reach their target advertisements through targeted audiences, which thereby increase the revenue.
  • It offers new, innovative and efficient technologies.
  • It provides effective traffic monetization solutions to the publishers.
  • It offers various advertisers and rich inventory solutions to the publishers with the help of its easily usable interface.
  • It offers 100% fill rates to the users.

Advertisement formats:

  • Video advertisements: In-banner ads
  • Display advertisements: Its sizes include 120*600, 300*250, 160*600, 728*90 and 468*60.
  • Mobile advertisements
  • Text advertisements

Targeting types:

  • Location targeting
  • Geographic targeting
  • Channel targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Contextual targeting

Payment details:

  • The commission types include CPC, CPM and CPV.
  • The payment methods include PayPal, Cheque and Bank wire transfer.

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Monetization Platforms


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Targeting Method

Contextual, Demographic, Geographic, Site-Specific

Ad Formats

Standard Banners, Video Ads
Search Ads

Publisher Requirments

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Not Allowed
Not Allowed
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Not Allowed

Payment Imformation

Net 45
PayPal, Wire transfers

Referral Program

No available

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