UngAds Ad Network- A Leading CPM Based Advertising Network

Well-trusted advertising networks are the best choice for getting the quality traffic quickly.So, whether your goal is to make money or simply to get exposure for your website, using a high-ranking and well-trusted advertising network saves your day.
Cooperating with ad networks, you get convenience which is unparallel.
So, if you are looking for an ingenious advertising network that covers almost all the targeting options, then UngAds Advertising Network can turn out to be the best solution for you.
In fact, UngAds is a full-service ingenious ad network that covers almost all the targeting options of an ad platform. UngAds Advertising Network offers a powerful system for advertisers and publishers with optimal advertising solutions.

One notable aspect of UngAds Advertising Network is the fact that you get direct access to publishers with the highest quality of traffic. The ad network is a fully fledged one having more than ten servers all around the world. UngAds is based out of Latvia and has offices in Latvia and St. Peters Burg.
As far as competency is concerned, UngAds Advertising Network offers a highly skilled technical department that is well versed in all aspects of online advertising. So, you can be sure that you are working with people who know every in and out of online advertising.

Moreover, with UngAds Advertising Network, you get full access to the platform where you can easily create, edit, run, or pause your advertising campaigns independently. Advertisers can start with UngAds with a minimum deposit of only $100. The campaigns can be live within one hour.UngAds offers a multi-channel advertising solution by CPM price model. Advertisers get access to more than 500k publishers in 190 Geos.It provides transparent statistics with API. There’s also a personal account manager for every advertiser. Plus, UngAds works with different traffic verticals including games, finance, software, dating, glamor, mobile app, eCommerce, and much more.

And if you get stuck with any technical issue or have any questions, then its support team is there to help you out at any time.UngAds makes it easy for advertisers to join its ad network. You simply need to register and then deposit money into your account. UngAds Ad Network allows you to target your campaign based on the country and category.You can even optimize the campaigns by adding the publisher’s website identifier in your URL. Usually, UngAds approves the campaigns in less than one hour. However, to further speed up the process, you can contact them through an instant messenger.

UngAds Advertising Network delivers superior performance through its sophisticated technology that minimizes all discrepancies as well as other technical risks. UngAds offers worldwide coverage spanning six continents and 190+ countries. You get to target campaigns by country, city, or language.
UngAds functions as a secure and safe ad network. You are assured of high-quality traffic and protection from malware, bot, and unsolicited traffic. UngAds runs a self-service platform. So, you can create, run, edit or pause campaigns independently. Furthermore, you get a personal manager to help you out.
UngAds gives the opportunity for expanded targeting. The campaigns can be targeted by countries, cities, languages, mobile carriers, OS, etc. Plus, you get to track publisher id and go on to exclude bad ones or create a white list. The campaigns can be created on the self-service platform or with your personal manager.
UngAds Advertising Network


UngAds for Publishers

UngAds proves a highly profitable advertising network for publishers. UngAds allows publishers to make money using CPM, CPC, and CPA model. The minimum payment threshold is $100, and payment is made every week through PayPal, WebMoney, and Wire Transfer.The network supports various ad formats including Popunders, Banners, Mobile Push Up, Direct links, and Interstitial. Using these advertising formats, you can easily promote your product or service, increase your brand awareness, advertise your app, and attract new customers.

So, if you are eyeing for increased brand awareness and successful conversion rates, then UngAds proves to be the best advertising network that you should partner with.