17 Top Content Locker Ad Networks ( Survey Based, Offer Wall Ads )

Content locking is an easier way to make money with CPA basis online, but you still need to do it the right way to maximize your profits. The basic idea behind content locking is to force web page visitor for an action to be performed before allowing access to that page. Always make sure that the content you’re locking (your “content offer”) should be actually valuable enough for people to complete CPA offers.
As far as to decide which network to start off with; CPAlead is a good choice, but Adscend Media have way more offers. And they also offer you to direct-link to offers. Below is the list of top Content Locker Ad Networks:

Top Content Locker Ad Networks:

 1) MgCash

MGCash is a monetization solution and which is capable of generating pay from content, searches, and the web & mobile traffic. MGCash receives impressions from different sectors of the Industry, which should most probably cover every kind of business.
Minimum Payment:$50
Payment Options:EpayService, PayPal, Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit), WebMoney, Payoneer
Payment Types:Net-15 (Below $1K),
Bi-weekly ($2000.00/Month),
Weekly ($4000.00/Month)
Commission Types:CPA, SMS, CPL, CPS, Content Gateway/ Locking, Super Url, Youtube Monetizer, Url Shrinker
Referral Bonus:5% 


2) CPALead

CPALead stands among the best  CPA networks because of their dedication to make the CPA world simpler, easier and money making. They are the inventors of the Content Gateway technology which is now revolutionized the CPA commission sector. CPALead network is considered to be one of the best CPA networks to earn money because they have the most traffic and advertisers also. This is just to make sure that affiliate can get many offers as well as timely payouts.
Minimum Payment:$50
Payment Options:Check, Wire, Payoneer, PyPal, ACH
Payment Types: Net-15, Net-30, Weekly
Commission Types:CPA, Content Locking, CPL
Referral Bonus:5%

3) Adludum

Adludum (1)
Adludum is a unique content locking CPA advertising network with a complete in-house platform of its own. Adludum offers a wide range of solutions in the space of online advertising. They are aggressively growing technology that is rare of anywhere else and combine it together with affiliate marketing to make a vast verity of tools for publishers to make money from their traffic.Adludum is replacing all the conventional and limiting methods of how to monetize content nowadays.
join adludum
Minimum Payment:$50
Payment Options:PayPal Payoneer, Wire
Payment Types:Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Net-30
Commission Types:CPA, CPL, CPS, Content Locking, File/Link Locking
Referral Bonus:3%

4) AdscendMedia

AdscendMedia is a popular CPA marketing solution which is dedicated to providing high quality leads to their advertisers and great payouts and services to the publishers. Adscendmedia is a great option for advertise because it provides the pay per click marketing model which makes it a cheap option. AdscendMedia also makes sure that the affiliates not only get good opportunities in affiliate marketing but also opportunities last long and make them money.
Minimum Payment:$50
Payment Options:PayPal Payoneer, Check, Wire, ACH
Payment Types:Net-30, Net-15, Net-7
Commission Types: CPL, CPS, Content Locking, CPA
Referral Bonus:3%

5) CPAGrip

CPAGrip is the premier incentive affiliate networks which provide industry leading exclusive and offers and also top notch technology for publishers. CPAGrip is a company that you should really and try out its offerings if you are serious making money. The company provides 24/7 support and even weekly payments in addition to the best offers in the ad industry. It is really worth full the effort of trying CPAGrip. You can rest assured, different and unique experience when publisher trying to content unlocking, video locking, and document locking.
Minimum Payment:$50
Payment Options:PayPal, Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit), Check
Payment Types: Weekly, Net-30, Net-15, Net-7, Bi-weekly
Commission Types:CPA, CPL, CPS
Referral Bonus:5%

6) Survata

Survata is a revenue making platform for publishers which allows offering visitors anonymous surveys before they can unlock exclusive content or experiences. If you own a business or a product or a service website, you may also hand-craft surveys with your selected questions and ask them to your target audience.
Popular content locking material includes ebooks, free trials, audio content, downloadable content or an “ad free” experience on your website. Survata can help to monetize your website without removing your existing advertisements, as Survata is compatible with many of the ad platforms.
Survata offers surveys which are simple to implement—you need to place a JavaScript snippet on your website. Survata surveys are anonymous, won’t ask for visitor’s personal information.
Traffic Minimum Reqirements: 5,000 monthly US uniques

7) AdSupply

ad supply logo
Adsupply is an online advertising platform which was launched in 2011 with its headquarters in Los Angeles, America. It is a private company that comes under the category of advertising and marketing. It was founded by Chris Corson and holded around 11 to 50 employees at the start with 1500+ publisher websites all over the world for advertising. This platform is highly transparent in nature and has direct relationship with its users. It is being accessed in around 230 countries all over the world.

Advertisement formats and targeting:

  • Adsupply network displays rich – media advertisements in varying sizes such as 120*600, 300*250, 468*60, 160*600, 300*600, 336*280 and 720*300.
  •  Interstitial, Overlay, Content Blocker Ads
  • Advertisements in text format contain text links and video advertisements are of In-banner and pre-roll type.
  • Native advertisements displayed by adsupply network are of paid-search and IAB standard advertisement unit type.
  • Mobile advertisements are of mobile web type.
  • The targeting options associated with adsupply network include behavioral, demographic, geographic and site-specific.

8) AdWorkMedia

AdWork Media is a CPA affiliate network offers many publisher tools, which also includes a Content Locker and the Product Locker! 270+ incent/non-incent offer base is powered by top converting campaigns in different niches. They also have a huge selection of International email submits & downloads that monetize traffic globally. They have a knowledgeable support team which is available 24×7 to assist you with technical support as well as campaign optimizing.
Minimum Payment:$35
Payment Options:Check / Wire / PayPal
Payment Types:Net-30 / Net-15 / Net-7 / Bi-Weekly / Weekly
Commission Types:CPA / CPL / CPS / Content Locker / Product Locker
Referral Bonus:3% Lifetime

9) Blv.me

Blv.me is a link locker as well as a paid URL shortener website which uses CPA revenue model to pay its publishers. Since it is a link locker, the publisher can lock content, file, software, web page and other exclusive content. So, a visitor who wants to see locked content should have to complete aa task to gain access to the locked content.
Blv.me is a new service as compared to other content locker services but it provides all the facilities that publishers seek from a CPA URL shortener and link locker website like high rates, easy offers, powerful tools, timely payments etc.
Minimum Payment:$20
Payment Options:Bank Wire transfer, Payza, Skrill
Payment Types:Net-30
Commission Types:CPA, Link Locking
Referral Bonus:5%

10) ShareCash

Sharecash is a popular Pay Per Download ad network which provides content lockers that help publishers to monetize a website, publishers can host files or content directly on the website, visitors have to fill a survey to get access to locked content. Link lockers will also help you to shorten long URLs and to make additional income from your traffic.
Minimum Payment:$20
Payment Options:Payza, PayPal, PayQuicker, Payoneer, Check, Wire
Payment Types:Monthly, Bi-Weekly
Commission Types:CPA, Link Locking, CPL
Referral Bonus:5% – 12%

11) AdClickWall

AdClickWall is a content locking incentive friendly affiliate network providing high paying and top converting offers in the industry. Monetize your GPT or Rewards website by placing offerwall. For advertisers, they provide huge traffic at affordable costs. AdClickwall team is always a step ahead to provide full and proper support to it’s publishers and advertisers.
Minimum Payment:$2
Payment Options:PayPal
Payment Types:Net 10
Commission Types:CPC, CPA, CPL
Referral Bonus:2%

12) WhiteMobi

WhiteMobi is a worldwide traffic monetization ad network that works with both desktop and mobile traffic. WhiteMobi provides personalized monetization tools for app developers, website owners, and social influencers. WhiteMobi has developed in-house platform to helps publishers to monetize their traffic with convenient monetization tools as Content Locker, AppWall, and Smart Link.
Minimum Payment:$50
Payment Options:PayPal, Wire
Payment Types:Net-30, Net-15, Net-7
Commission Types:CPI, CPA, CPL
Referral Bonus:5%


13) AdGateMedia 

AdGate Media is one of the best incentive CPA network with huge number of offers. They have high payouts and awesome support for their customers. AdGate Media has gateway software which will display converting offer for visitors. The gateway locker tool perform really well to make more money. Publishers get commission of every conversion, lots of publishers affirms AdGate Media as one of the best link locker tool as they convert well and always pay on time.
Minimum Payment:$25
Payment Options:Check / PayPal / Wire / ACH / Payoneer
Payment Types:Net-30 (Below $1k/mo), Net-15 ($1k+/mo), Net-7 ($5k+/mo), Negotiable ($10k+/mo)
Commission Types:CPA, Link Locking
Referral Bonus:5%


 14) AdLockMedia

Minimum Payment:$50
Payment Options:Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, Bitcoin
Payment Types:Net-30, Net-15, Net-7, Bi-weekly, Weekly
Commission Types:CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS, Content Gateway, Content Locking
Referral Bonus:3%

15) OGAds

Minimum Payment:$50
Payment Options:Paypal, Payoneer, Wire, Check, ACH
Payment Types:Weekly, Net-30
Commission Types:CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS, Content Locking
Referral Bonus:5%

 16) AdUncle.com

Minimum Payment:$50
Payment Options:NetBanking, PayPal, Check
Payment Types:Net-40
Commission Types:CPA, CPL, CPS, Content Locking
Referral Bonus:5%

17) AdLiveMedia

Minimum Payment:$1
Payment Options: PayPal
Payment Types:Net-7, Net-15, Net-30
Commission Types:CPA, CPL, CPS
Referral Bonus:3%-5%

Hope this list of top content locking ad networks will be helpful for both publishers and advertisers. In case you have used it before, please rate it!!! and share your experience with us in the comment section.