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MGCash Network delivers online content and monetization solutions for small to mid-sized web publishers, and keyword-based online advertising solutions for direct-response and ecommerce marketers. We offer a variety of products and solutions that consistently produce high ROI for our advertisers and partners.
MGCash has a new content gateway / locker with a few features that you may have not seen before. MGCash continually invests in technology innovation to keep pace with the rapidly changing online marketplace.

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  1. A variety of monetization solutions to match the demands of direct-response and e-commerce marketers.
  2. Its tools are unique and advanced, which master some great involuntary ways of making money.
  3. A Large number of HQ impressions are available with flexible CPA models.
  4. MGcash offers a lifetime 5% referral commission under its referral program.
  5. Mobile optimized platform for seamless functionality.
  6. 24/7 customer support for answering your business relevant queries.
  7. It can locate the user to display relevant ads, for gaining you a higher conversion ratio.
  8. The top exclusive offer from direct advertisers and International campaigns.


  1. Requires a good Internet connectivity for swift action.
  2. Lacks search bar option in the user account.


What does MGcash do?

It presents to you with its expertise in monetization solution and is capable of generating additional pay from content, display ads, searches, and the web & mobile traffic. Being a big time success in the online market, MGCash receives impressions from diverse sectors of the Industry, which should most probably cover your kind of business as well.
Small to mid-sized web publishers and advertisers can reap true benefit out of MGCash by applying these catalysts to their stagnant condition. Follow this link to MGCash to create your login account and experience a seamless browsing through its simplistic interface. Let’s find the various features that empower MGcash of making such fascinating claims.
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Pre-hosted landing page

This is a very less known form of money making, where a pre-hosted landing page encloses an MGCashlocker inside of itself. Since the application makes your page a pre-hosted one so you immediately begin to make money, without any hassle of paying for hosting cost or designing a completely new landing page.
The pre-host feature is probably the simplest way to generate revenue while the technology is claimed to be limited to MGcash only.


The payments against the net revenue generated by these monetization solutions are processed bi-weekly and released by various payment methods. You can use your account with Payoneer, PayPal, Webmoney or simply use wire transfer. However, the minimum balance amount for requesting the payment is $50.

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