CPA Network Review: Current Best CPA Adcombo

We are AdCombo – a CPA Affiliate Network to monetize your traffic. It’s your final destination in the CPA world because:We perform a new model of leads – Cash on Delivery. Conversion takes place when one completes the purchase via phone. This model is the most effective way for publishers to monetize their traffic.The conversion rates and real EPC are extremely high. All because user pays only when receiving the product.

We only work with direct offers. And we have HUNDREDS of exclusive and premium ones! Most of advertisers are our long-time business partners, and no payment was missed since we’ve launched.We offer a wide range of geos. We primarily work with tier-2 geos (Eastern Europe, South Asia and Latin America) as these countries may be characterized as low competitive and cheap on traffic.

AdCombo specializes in the WOW-products (for impulse buying).

We provide you with weekly payments with no holds set, and payment methods as Paypal, Payoneer, WebMoney and Bank Wire Transfer. Minimal payment is: $50.

The types of traffic we accept: Display, Email, Social Media, PPC, Contextual, and InApp (either mobile or desktop). We deal with Adult traffic as well.The platform of AdCombo is our in-house technology, that’s why we won’t lose a single click of your traffic.

Does it sound any convincing?

Benefits to Publishers

Rather than wait to get approved for each individual offer in the network, you can start promoting any of them right from the get-go. There’s no waiting game. AdCombo says that as a publisher, you’ll take less than 24 hours for everything. As soon as the lead is in the system, it’ll show up in your stats report.
This is all accessible through the affiliate dashboard shown above. The key navigation is located in the left sidebar, making it easy to see everything from network news to your referral history. If you choose PayPal, WebMoney or Paxum as your payout method, the minimum threshold is a mere $50 US.
The main page for the dashboard provides all the at-a-glance information that you need, including clicks, conversions, revenue, holds and rejects, as well as your total revenue for the calendar year. You’ll also notice the live chat function for whenever you may have any questions or require assistance.
Another great benefit worth noting is that AdCombo is very much interested in monetizing your global traffic. Offered without charge to all affiliates is access to their web design and localization team. Need a landing page translated into one of 40 other languages? You can order that right through the dashboard.

Looking for Lucrative Offers

At the heart of any great affiliate network is a selection of exceptional affiliate offers. Remember that sheer numbers don’t matter as much here as quality does. It doesn’t matter if a network has thousands of offers if they’re all junk.
As of this writing, AdCombo boasts north of 750 offers in its inventory. Many of these are basically duplicates, as they are meant to target different geographic regions. You might see the same offer being promoted in Italy as you see being promoted in Spain. The CPA can vary, because the advertiser might see a varying level of value associated with leads or sales in each country.
Sorting through the offers is a reasonably straightforward affair, allowing you to filter based on country, categories, traffic source, and conversion type, including multiple selections. You can also save any offers to your list of “favorites” for ease of access or punch in the offer ID to get straight to something specific.
The variety of offers that you’ll find in the AdCombo network is quite expansive. There are offers related to gaming, dating, e-commerce, health products, home improvement, business opportunities, coupons, insurance, food, mobile, music and movies, sports, and freebies.
A great number of the offers are cash on delivery, which should really help with your affiliate cash flow. I did find a very large number of adult-oriented offers that are perhaps best suited for adult websites. That is something you’ll want to keep in mind when thinking about signing up with AdCombo.

Adcombo payments proof

There is currently no proof of payment from adcombo. if there is already proof of payment I will post here.