How I earned my first $10.000 with Clickadu

Every resourceful webmaster, including you, are always looking for a passive income
It’s a good way to fun in the sun and combine pleasant with something you really like doing.
Monetization solutions such as AdSense provide an opportunity to turn website audience into a vast profit. Sounds great, huh?

But, a lot of pioneer advertising networks are overwhelmed with strict rules. So, what if your website was banned or disapproved by AdSense?

Or you work hard to grow your website’s audience but not of all your traffic is warmly welcomed to their system.

All this sounds rather insulting, isn’t it?

I used to have the same problems and the solution was within my reach. I made $10.000 in three months even without Adsense. How did I manage to do that?

Please welcome a lucrative AdSense alternative. Clickadu, a premium pop-under, and banner advertising network with 100% traffic fillrate is always looking for the direct publishers.
This article is not a benefit, it's more like advice.

What are the conditions?
I could tell you there are no conditions but… If you want to earn much - you need a website with stable traffic. I’ve been working hard in growing my website audience because you won’t earn much with stable 800 visitors so try to grow as much traffic as you can.

Why them?
Well, it’s a basic question. The net is full of other advertising networks, so why should you choose Clickadu? The main argument is here: They do pay. And they are really interested in your monetization success.
I had a wide experience in working with other advertising networks. Most of them are offering you the rates you can resist. But this works for the first three months or less. It has never happened with me in Clickadu.

What can you get?

What can be more interesting besides money? A cute girls service! Don’t get me wrong, but a small chit-chat with a dedicated manager makes you feel relaxed and stable.

On this occasion, I'd like to say hello to my manager Elen Partin.Elen, you’re great!

Among other things some cool technical features such as constantly improving Anti-Adblock code and 10% referral program. I've not had the pleasure of tasting their referral program so far, but one man's trash is another man's treasure. I suggest you guys can get the most of it.
Payments are as fast as a stake horse, you can even receive your cash at your bitcoin wallet.

Any proofs?

Of course there are.
Have a look at my Clickadu stats:

Payment proof:

Anyfriendly advice?

I hope you won’t mind me to give you some.

First: Do not hesitate. Start earning right now.

Second: Use Pops. Popunders are not that irritative as popups, they open in another tab or below the browser window and they are profitable as hell. 30% more profitable than banners. And still, you can use banners along with popunders on your website to earn even more cash.

Third: Be close to your personal manager. These guys are ready to optimize your earnings and they are always ready to help you. Sure, we’re all independent and stuff, but they can do the wonders.

And don’t cheat. It’s a waste of your time and money.

What's in it for me? Well, I’m not cheap. Every hardworking webmaster should receive his hard-earned wages.
Let’s smash the system where publishers can’t earn because of the pioneer ad networks with their insane rules.
Happy earnings.