17 List of Best Adsense Alternatives With High Pay

Best Adsense Alternative With High Pay . Among friends ciriseo anyone feels rejected because the provisions adsense google adsense heavy !!, do not fret there are several lists of PPC advertising can be the best alternative other than google adsense could be the place to find the coffers of the rupiah and the dollar, as the theme of this article I will explain PPC best alternative other than Google Adsense high paying, because now many companies advertising gives you the advantage so his partner, a list of the best alternative advertising networks in addition to Adsense PPC model is pretty much proven to provide benefits to its advertising websites that publish their blog.

Best Adsense Alternatives. Indeed, for now periklan to blog held by Google Adsense for more relevant ads that appear on the blog was chosen as the publisher, a high traffic will be your capital reap hundreds of dollars a month, but among them the owner of the blog there are not fortunate register adsense always denied, the solution has many alternative list of PPC advertising is able to pay expensive besides google adsense at a price comparable to the ad clicks GA, the fundamental question is: What PPC ad network other than adsense? there are still many local ppc list of alternatives within the country and abroad that provide maximum income to the value of ad clicks high price. Some alternatives adsense ad networks or PPC Ads best is inseparable from our blog to google adsense always failed, capitalized blog or website by presenting original content not copy and paste and blogs already provide what in the search by visitors then you begin to register an account PPC local besides google Adsense or use the services of the best advertising distributor alternative to earn money from a blog that you administer. 

By signing up for ad networks Adsense Alternatives best with high pay, you will get the possibility of the best opportunities to make money from advertising then prepare yourself to ad networks reliable as later below no review or detailed list of adsense alternatives that pay dearly and you are so candidate for the most promising ad networks, PPC advertising has been proven best adsense alternative mebayar with klk sometimes 2-fold ad adsense cpc, please register your blog and customize to your blog niche and if you already fallen on the registration of google adsense. 

Now for more details, here's 17 Best List Adsense Alternatives With High Pay as below:

Best Adsense Alternatives PPC Ads

1) Media Net

This is a Yahoo-Bing ad networks and PPC advertising networks provide enough income for you to become publisher in addition to Google Adsense. Internet giants such as Yahoo and Microsoft really should combine their efforts and resources to offer the alternative ad networks eligible for the selected website.

Media Net sites their ads penyedi shade Yahoo and Microsoft provide relevant ads, and you also have the tools to track the performance of your blog in real time. You can control how the ad is visible so that they match the color palette of your blog, but to actually approved it may be difficult for many Indonesian bloggers and even internationally. Media net traffic requesting more content on high-quality blog, visitors to your site should be mostly from the United States, Canada, or the UK. Terms of the content in English, Are you interested to woo Media net with high pay for each ad.

2). bidvertiser

Although Bidvertiser is not well known as Google Adsense and Yahoo Medianet Microsoft. Bidvertiser does have some benefits, especially if you have been banned or disapproved of AdSense for several reasons. If you have a website and you want to join, there are banned join Bidvertiser such as adult sites and sites that sell ob ***

3). Chitika

Largest advertising agencies third at Chitika very well pay all ad clicks through to your website, many enrolled PPC is when some of you ever been refused or deferred applying for Adsense, Chitika adsense alternatives by delivering ad impressions that are relevant to banyaran high to PO $ 10 through paypal.

4). Infolinks

PPC ad network Infolinks is one source of additional income that is more popular for those who are already using one of the major PPC ad network. That's because advertising is relatively unobtrusive here-they do not have a standard banner space. Conversely, ads (Insearch, intext, Intag, inframe) appear minimized or hyperlink, and visitors simply need to bring the mouse pointer and click on the link to the ad appears. Approval time is short enough, the support system is very quick to respond. To maximize your earnings from infolinks ads, but you'll need a lot of traffic from the US or the UK. Infolinks also only offer ads in English and Spanish.

5). Clicksor

Clicksor alternative future AdSense, Clicksor not as famous as the GA but the content of ads that appear very similar to Google AdSense. There are various sizes available to make your ad look different, and there is a unique type of ad that aired. 3 maximum number of ads on each page. Po quite $ 10 could be taken via Paypal

6). Vibrant Media ad rates 10 times from Google Adsense

It is one of the more famous PPC advertising networks now, and premium brand advertisers can be juxtaposed with sites that have high traffic popular. Media vibra PPC prices are among the highest in the agency, but to become publisher of Vibrant Media is very difficult for the premium sites are still in the feasibility test merge. Vibrant Mediia should consider the site page views small and specialized over 500000 page views every month.

7). Exit Junction

Advertising Exit Junction extremely weird by Me, so what? When a site visitor came in and straight out the other kesitus move it before it happens ad clicks, earnings grow, want? could be an alternative also exit this junction.

8). PocketCents

This is a fairly simple ad network for PPC. For a publishing site is very easy to join PocketCent. Many advertising options on PocketCents earn money as a plain-text ad formats, hybrid, banner and video ads. The minimum payout is $ 10.

9). BlogAds

Condition is very heavy to join the BlogAds since traffic must visit the page of melampoi 500 000 page views per month, the reason the price is expensive and premium ad clicks, so if you want to join after being rejected adsense then tngkatkan first visitor traffic and visitors to your site.

10). Kontera

Kontera all may know and advertising agencies to join very quickly on condition your site has no adult content. Kontera privilege of giving a $ 50 bonus when your site on the first bull displaying 25 thousand ad impressions.

11). CPX Interactive

Next adsense alternatives that CPX Interactive, you can sign up easily with this PPC ad network, but the approval may take a little time. Because CPX Interactive check to see if your blog has at least 30 thousand impressions per month. When you have received a lot of choice regarding the type and size of the ad, and account management system, dashboard and reporting tool that is comprehensive enough. The minimum payout is $ 100 via PayPal.

12). click Booth

CPC network Click Booth the most expensive and famous one adsense alternatives next, but the requirements to join are very heavy as well, but it depends on the content of quality content, approval requires a long time, many of the prospective publisher pending acceptable, because the Click Bloth see quality decent premium sites with ilan premium performance-based as well ..

13). Propellerads

This type of ad networks and ad mengoyang Asian region that rises very much and click higher to get money from the ads aired, to join a very easy and quick process, within minutes your site approved full. Pay out $ 50 through payoner, WebMoney Z, fire us, fire ru

14). blogger gathering

Holiday dealer advertising Kompul blogger to you from Indonesia and ads on this site quite a lot and of payments per click advertising is very pretty when we are the victims of Google Adsense to exist in respect of Rp 500 per click, pendaptaran not complicated, traffic-free and withdrawals of earnings from ads that appear on your blog from Rp 10,000 to Rp 10,000 automatically sent through a bank account Bri, BCA, BNI, Btn.

15). click me

Kliksaya sites to your ad distributor of our country and pendaptaran fast but not fast ad appears on a blog because the terms must first display a banner kliksaya 10000. For the payment of USD 100 to 500 per-click, banner ads rarely appear in banner ads bergabar often muncur kliksaya, melting profit of Rp 50,000 through bank accounts Bri, Bca, free of the bank is already online.

16). Adsensecam
Adsensecam sites to your ad distributor of our country, and of the payment for each click advertising is very pretty to you if we do not penny Ads from Google. USD 500 per-click ads, pendaptaran not hard, traffic-free and withdrawals of earnings from the ads that appear on your blog from Rp 50,000 with via paypal

17). idblognetwork

idblognetwork dealer sites for your ad is very popular blogger / blogspot because the registration does not make complicated, alexa levels not important. Paying per click advertising is very pretty when we are victims of Google Adsense to exist in respect of Rp 500 per click, traffic-free and withdrawals of earnings from the ads that appear on your blog Rp 50,000 through bank accounts Bri, BCA, BNI, Btn.