RoyalURLs Review : Shorten URLs , Earn Money And Payment Proof

RoyalURLs is a URL Shortener allowing users to earn money by sharing Shortened links. The benefits in using RoyalURLs is that they give FREE $1 Bonus after signing up! They also have plenty of unique feature like “Mass Shrinker”, “Full Page Script” and more.

You can make money with RoyalURLs by shrinking a link and sharing them on social media platforms allowing people to click on your link which will generate you money. Payout rates are high allowing users to make big money.

Tools To Help You Manage Your Links.

  • Quick Link.
  • Mass Shrinker.
  • Full Page Script.
  • Developers API.
  • Bookmarklet.
RoyalURLs Payment.

Every withdraw is paid on request with a duration of 4 business days after approval (usually 24 hours). Withdraw minimum is $10 (Minus $1 as you earn once you sign up). Payment options are.

  • PayPal ( $10 ).
  • Skrill ( $10 ).
  • Payeer ( $12 ).
  • Bank transfer ( $200 ).
More Ways To Make Money With RoyalURLs?

RoyalURLs also makes making money easier with referrals. You can refer a friend to join and you gain 25% of their earnings lifetime. 

RoyalURLs also has offers you can gain money by doing work like posting a YouTube review (visit RoyalURLs for more info). For every 1,000 views on your video you receive $1 - this is great! It’s a win / win situation.

What We Like About RoyalURLs.

  • Dedicated Support.
  • Fast payments.
  • Range of tools to help you get started.
  • Friendly Advertising. (100% safe)
  • Admin panel allowing better access on your links statistics.
  • High Referral Commission.
  • High Payout Rates.
  • Includes great offers to make more money. 
Terms and Conditions when joining RoyalURLs. (More Info On RoyalURLs).

  • The sharing link must not contain illegitimate content like spyware, adware, malware content and virus.
  • The publishers must not use PTC websites, bots, auto refreshing websites and traffic exchanges to send fake traffic.
  • The publishers must not create multiple accounts.
Payment Proof:

We recommend using RoyalURLs to make money as they do have great offers and various of payment options. We believe this URL Shortener is perfect for everyone. It is simple, easy and most officiant way to make money. Don’t forget - you also make $1 just by signing up!

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