√ YesAdvertising Ad Network Review and Payment Proof

YesAdvertising Review: YesAdvertising is a global online ad solution for both publishers and advertisers. YesAdvertising has a rich database of offers from over 200 countries. They ensure that the publishers should have 100% fill rate.
It provides a wide range of high paying campaign too, so that publishers can maximize their earnings from their web traffic. At YesAdvertising, publishers will have full control over the ad types to choose to run on their websites. Publishers can create their own campaign as per their website visitors or simply opt for the system to generate the best one campaign for them according to the statistics provided. YesAvertising also provides ad customization by which publishers can increase their conversions.
YesAdvertising publisher paid high eCPM rates as compared with other networks, full control over the campaigns to run, global ad serving, on time payments through multiple payment services, and have great support, Account Managers for each account waiting to help you.
It currently serving over 2 billion impressions and have more than 100,000 publishers. YesAdvertising provides both desktops and mobile-optimized ads. It offers different pricing models such as CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV, and POP Ads to its publisher to ensure that their publishers not only get paid for conversions, but for clicks and impressions.
YesAdvertising Review – Online Advertising Network
The average CPC rate offered is $0.015, while the average CPM is $0.08. The average rate of Pop Under ads is $1. It allows other Ad formats like In-Text, text banner, graphical banner etc.

Top Highlights
  • Multiple Ad Formats
  • On Time Payments
  • Efficient Support System
  • Easy application and approval Process
  • Super Optimized Ads
  • Multiple Revenue Models
  • Reliable Technology

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The Pros
  • Multiple Ad Formats such as In-Text, Interstitial Ads, Pop Ups, Text Banners, Graphical Banners and Pop Under.
  • On time payments and are made weekly.
  • The low minimum threshold of $50.
  • Multiple Payment Options available such as Check, Wire Transfers, Perfect Money, Bank Transfer and Paypal.
  • Efficient Support System
  • No minimum traffic requirment restrictions.
  • Easy Registration and Approval Process
Lengthy site verification before you is allowed to run ads on the website.

AdNetwork Type


Ad Formats

In-Text Ads, Pop up/Pop under, Standard Banners, Video Ads, Mobile Banners

Payment Imformation

Net 15
PayPal, Wire transfers, Check