√ Sonital Ad Network CPM rates and Review

Sonital is an online marketing company committed  towards client satisfaction. They have recently got good recognition from hundreds of top publishers who rely on Sonital Digital Media. Sonital Digital Media provides 100% fill rates and gives high eCPM rates.With dedicatd account managers, their support is always good. Sonital Digital Media has offices in Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Brasil so that they can offer best targetted audiences on the regional basis. Sonital Digital Media  has various publisher/advertiser optimization tools allowing both advertisers and publishers to gain return of what they are expecting

They are focused to be one of the most successful international companies in the online marketing world having some of the best features of delivering client satisfaction,Quality service, Teamwork,Market knowledge, Technological capabilities,Continuous improve. Their minimum requirement is 5000 uniques and about 100000 impressions monthly

Monetization Platforms

Websites, Apps, Video

AdNetwork Type

CPM, Direct Ads

Ad Formats

Pop up/Pop under, Standard Banners, Video Ads, Custom Ads
PayPal, Wire transfers