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Founded in 2009, Fyber connects application designers and media companies with sponsors through the force of innovation. Over each gadget, Fyber is an autonomous advertising innovation organization dedicated to conveying worldwide audiences at scale through an effective cross-platform monetization and ad solution. Fyber’s SSP, Ad Server, Exchange and Mediation items enable a huge number of the world’s application designers and publishers to create business-basic income streams and serve over a large portion of dynamic clients all around.

Fyber for Advertisers

Fyber offers the advertisers access a large number of engaged users. The high-quality publisher network that provides advertisers with the integrated way for audience engaging. Fyber’s mobile/desktop involvement covers news and entertainment as well as gaming and technology. Cross-platform capabilities offered by Fyber, is a way to reach the global target audience with the help of video, interstitial and user acquisition campaigns.

Fyber Information for Publishers (Developers)

Fyber’s is basically a mediation service that allows app developers to maximize income through removing barriers to work with any advertising network. It provides a combination of management, optimization and integration of ad networks at one place. The service offers ways for monetization enhancement with ad campaigns from global brands.

Fyber Network Partners:

fyber ad network review

Monetization Platforms

Apps, Video

AdNetwork Type


Targeting Method


Ad Formats

Floating Ads, Video Ads, Mobile Banners
Offer Wall

Publisher Requirments

Not Specified
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