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They’re team of dedicated people with the goal to create a network where all clients can express themselves in the most successful and profitable way. They have offers from most popular verticals and we always try to deliver only direct and fresh products.
  • Weekly payouts (BitCoin option)
  • Effective support service
  • Some of the best prices

Advendor.net is a company established to carry out specific advertisements based on their clients’ needs. They do this by using the CPA model (Cost per Action), which optimizes the profit potentials of their advertisers. Advendor.net prides itself in generating positive results in a short time by contracting publishers who are already experienced in the kind of projects advertisers need. Advendor.net can be contacted on Ecohouse Networks LP, REG # SL018742, 61217,12, South Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Proof of Payments

advendor.net-proof of payments
To verify the accuracy of my proof of payments. You can check here https://blockchain.info/address/3G7urEBb9UmtUt41FyPvsAuF92qGu7XZbr

Site’s Ease of Use

Advendor.net is well designed to help publishers (who wish to earn directly with them) and advertisers (who need specific actions for their products or services) to fulfill their aims by identifying with them. The procedures for joining the company either as an advertiser or a publisher are clearly given. Advendor.net is programmed in English language and the Russian language so that those who do not come from English speaking countries but understand Russian can also benefit from Advendor CPA opportunities.

Benefits of Advendor

Profits for Publishers

Advendor gives website owners, blog owners and those with social network influence who can boast of large traffic to turn it into money. Since they pay per action you carry out, you can be sure of the amount of money you are receiving. Unlike pay per click profits, you can earn much higher when you are publishing on Advendor and helping them to fulfill their advertisers’ requests.

Easy Publisher Sign Up

To become a publisher requires almost nothing. Just submit your email address and click on offers you can handle. Advendor will not delay in approving your offer if they see you are capable of doing it.

Multiple Offers for Publishers

There are a range of actions to be carried out as a publisher on Advendor. Advertisers post their requests in their hundreds and Advendor contracts you to help in achieving them. There are a variety of tasks for publishers to do and this makes it interesting, less stressful and never boring. Before a publisher picks any job, he will be able to see all the requirements and instructions about it, including the amount to be paid for the task. Publishers have the freewill to either accept or decline an offer; they are not forcefully given a task to handle.

Benefits to Advertisers

Variety of Campaigns

Advendor.net covers a wide list of areas where they campaign for their advertisers. Advertisers can send offers on anything and be sure that their requests will be granted. Some of the most popular campaigns on Advendor include installations (of software, apps and more), game downloads, account registration and confirming already registered accounts, email sending, subscriptions, taking up free offers, effecting sales and much more.

Different from Banner Advertising

In banner advertising, advertisers cannot effectively say whether or not their campaigns will yield profits. However, with Advendor CPA, advertisers only pay for the campaign when it has been effectively carried out. This eliminates the possibility of click fraud and the likeliness of losing more money instead of benefiting from advertising efforts.

Monetization Platforms

Websites, Apps, Image, Video, Email, Social Media

AdNetwork Type

Affiliate Networks, CPA, CPI , CPL

Ad Formats

Floating Ads, In-Image Ads, In-Text Ads, Pop up/Pop under, Standard Banners, Video Ads, Custom Ads, Link ads, Native Ads, Sponsored Content, Mobile Banners

Publisher Requirments

More Than 50K, More Than 100K, More Than 500K

Payment Imformation

net 7
PayPal, Wire transfers