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Adsnetwork Review | Having an open exchange approach for online advertising, the Adjug ad network offers transport working environment for both the advertisers as well as publishers too. This technique provides the scope for personalized choice and control.

How does it work for advertisers?

While using this ad network, you may visit the entire profile of the advertiser which gives you a basic idea about the websites where your ads are going to be circulated as well as the traffic generated by the advertiser too. The specialized targeting method allows you to reach the specific people whom you want.

Benefits for advertisers:

  • Transparency: Being a complete transparent network, it allows viewing the source as well as destination of the traffic which in turn helps you to manage your ads in a well-managed way.
  • Enhanced level of control: Put an end to the unnecessary buying on the sites which delivers poor traffic always. Get the chance to visualize the true nature of the internet without giving much effort.
  • Elevate the Output: You get the ability to stop any campaign throughout the day i.e. 24X7. This increases the output by eliminating the site having the lowest traffic.
  • Specialized targeting: The precise targeting method of this ad network is mainly based on the keywords, demographics, category etc.
  • This ad network enables you to access more publishers which ultimately elevates your publicity.

How does it work for publishers?

Being real time as well as auction based system; it allows its publishers to generate incremental revenue from the current inventory. The publishers gain full control the advertisers as well as ads which will appear around their contents. Access to the unscheduled campaigns is also granted to the publishers who have zeal to target their own inventories.

Benefits for Publishers:

  • Transparency: Though you can see the number of advertisements which are bidding on your inventory, the entire process becomes totally transparent.
  • Minimum commitment is required while you are under the hood of this ad network. You may turn off and on your inventory according your necessity.
  • Being a complete free service, it offers you to monitor the advertisers which are appearing around your inventories.

After considering all the above-mentioned features of this ad network, it can be inferred that being an advertiser/publisher you will surely be benefitted while using this ad network.
Hope this ADjug Review will be helpful for both publishers and advertiser. If you have already tried it, please share your experience with us in the comment section below.
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Monetization Platforms


AdNetwork Type

Auction Based, CPC/PPC , CPM, Direct Ads

Targeting Method

Demographic, Geographic, Site-Specific

Ad Formats

Standard Banners, Custom Ads

Publisher Requirments

Not Specified
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Not Allowed

Payment Imformation

Net 45
PayPal, Wire transfers