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Adsnetwork Review | Being an amateur in the field of the internet advertising, choosing the perfect ad network sometimes becomes the most difficult task for any person. Getting blindly connected to any non-professional ad network may be the cause of the downfall of the revenue earning. To make you worry free in this regard, we are going to publish the review of the Ad4Game ad network which gives you a concept of the quality of the services offered by them.

  • What is Ad4Game?

From the name, it is clear that this as the network is solely related to the gaming websites. After starting their journey in 2004, this ad network gained a lot of trust from the publishers & advertiser due to the ability to provide not only high CPM rates but also 100% fill rates too. The 100% fill rate ensures your earning from each visitors of your website.

  • Operating Procedure of Ad4Game:

Due to their advanced technology, they enable their advertisers to reach to the specific audience thus elevates the publicity of the brand as well as revenue earning of the publishers too. Providing content relevant advertisements to the publishers is also considered as one of the advantages of this ad network. This ad network deals with multiple types of ads (e.g. Footer Ad, Standard IAB, Site Skin, Editorials Ads, InGame Ads & Gaming Pop Under etc.)and several formats too which usually acquires 500 million unique impressions per month.
Though the minimum payment rate & payment frequency under this ad network is respectively $10 & NET30, they usually provide 3 types of commissions i.e. CPC, CPM, CPA.

  • How to Sign Up?

The signing up procedure under this ad network is so much simple as it hardly any more explanation. You have to just fill up a form with the necessary details to join with them. Having the high amount of traffic on your website is recommended before filling the application form otherwise, you may not be approved by them. Once you join with them, you will surely experience an enhanced level of monetization which has enough potential to meet your demand easily.

So, let’s try this ad network and give us your feedback about their service. Hope this Ad4Game review will be helpful for both publishers and advertisers. In case you have used it before, please share your experience with us in the comment section.
6-9 Trinity Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Monetization Platforms

Websites, Apps

AdNetwork Type


Targeting Method


Ad Formats

Floating Ads, Pop up/Pop under, Standard Banners, Video Ads, Custom Ads, Native Ads, Mobile Banners
STANDARD IAB FORMATS: 300x250728x90160x600200x200125x125468x60120x600 Mobile Ads Content Ads Pushup Ads Cross mobile plateform Footer Ads Site Skin InGame Ads Overlay Preroll Ads (Non-linear)

Publisher Requirments

Not Specified
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Not Allowed

Payment Imformation

Net 30
PayPal, Check