Realkai Review: Trusted CPM Ad network - Make money from Banner ads

RealKai is a new Singapore based advertising network which is working with leading advertisers and publishers worldwide. They are working on CPM model which is the most preferred choice of publishers and webmasters.
Their ad technology helps you make money online effortlessly. They have real time bidding and thus your every impression counts. You get to make the maximum out of these ads because of real time bidding.We work to deliver real values and maximize benefits for our clients. RealKai takes pride in its high-quality staff with years of experience in E-marketing, as well as its excellent support service. We will guide you to your prosperity. 

So what’s the advantage?
* With RealKai you make the most revenue because of the real time bidding for your impressions.
* Real time statistics
* They do allow Passback tags
* Convenient and user friendly dashboard
* Anti – Fraud detection
* Quick Support
* Ad Optimization service
* On time Payment

RealKai Network Details

Commission Type CPM
Minimum Payout No threshold for PayPal, $100 for Wire Transfer
Payment Frequency Biweekly
Payment Method PayPal, Wire Transfer
Country Singapore
Ad Serving International