√ MediaHub Review | Banner, Pop-under Ads and Payment Proof - Ad Review

Mediahub is a hub or an effective network that facilitates online money making with the help of its exclusive services and products. It offers the direct advertising chances to its users. It uses the digital technology solutions for revenue generation. Those solutions include mediahub exchange, mediahub radius and mediahub connect. Its interface is very simple, clean and user-friendly in nature. MediaHub Review each website before approval.

Mediahub exchange:

The exchange service or solution offered by mediahub helps the publishers in revenue generation (making huge profit or gain) and the advertisers in buying traffic.

Mediahub radius:

Mediahub provides a Wi – Fi device which is very simple in nature and permits the users to gain effective details of the business people.
It ensures the improvement of the marketing campaigns which are to be done in the near future.
It helps the users with several unique methods of encouraging purchases and retaining valuable customers. It also enhances the sales rate and collection of information.

Mediahub connect:

Mediahub connects the various advertising campaigns to enhance the business growth rate. It holds a support team and several advanced and hi-tec tools to establish efficient connections.

Services offered by Mediahub to Advertisers:

  • It assists the advertisers in reaching their target audiences with bulk and effective traffic strategies.
  • It provides automatic campaign optimization in order for the advertisers to attain their goals.
  • It frequently checks and focuses on the advertisers’ traffic quality to give better results.
  • It helps the advertisers in targeting location and device in a smart manner.
  • It improves the advertising strategies by allowing the advertisers to make business calls.
  • The advertisers can have the complete campaign control (can start and stop campaigns according to their wish) with the help of this self – serving site.
  • The advertisers can easily interact or communicate with the content creators with the help of this exclusive online platform.

Services offered by Mediahub to Publishers:

  • It supports the publishers in placing simple codes across their websites for the production of high gain from content creation methodologies.
  • It makes payments on time to its publishers with high payout rates. This can be achieved by the use of several software optimization techniques.
  • It contains a dedicated and sincere team of Account managers who are responsible for helping the publishers in solving their queries by providing immediate responses.

Advertisement Formats:

Following are the types of ad formats associated with Mediahub:
  • Banners
  • Page takeovers
  • Aligator pop
  • Messenger pops
  • Pop unders
  • Overlay


Payment details:

  • It ensures immediate, fast and on – time payouts to its users including the advertisers and the publishers.
  • It offers fill rates of around 100%.
  • publishers will get paid on Net 30 basis.
  • There is no minimum amount of payout when paid through PayPal. For Wire transfer, it is $1000.
  • Advertisers are making payments to mediahub through CPC, CPM and Auction modes, while mediahub pays its Publishers through CPC, CPM, Flat fee, Rev share and Auction modes.

Hope this Mediahub review will be helpful for publishers and advertisers. In case you have already tried it before, share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Monetization Platforms


AdNetwork Type


Targeting Method

Behavioral, Geographic

Ad Formats

Floating Ads, Pop up/Pop under, Standard Banners
Page takeovers, Aligator pop, Messenger pops, Overlay

Publisher Requirments

Not Specified
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Not Allowed

Payment Imformation

Net 30
Paypal: No Limit, Wire: $1000
PayPal, Wire transfers