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Content.ad is a native online exchange or platform or network for content marketing/publishing/advertising with a high-performance rate. It was the first successful online content marketing site in the world. It offers monthly content recommendations of around five billion over the publishing websites of around 1000+. The publishing sites preferred by content.ad may range from smaller sites to large premium sites. Content.Ad review each website before approval.
Content.ad network entered the business of marketing contents before 10 years. It generates huge revenue with the help of some advanced technologies through the process of content marketing.

Features of Content.ad network:

  • It is simple and offers easy installation, but is more powerful.
  • It ensures a better performance with high level of profit or gain.
  • The usage of this platform ensures a nice experience for the users (advertisers and publishers) as well as the other consumers.
  • It can be accessed in tablets, mobiles as well as in desktop computers.
  • It does not offer any type of long – term contracts.
  • Its interface is completely designed using Javascript which is customizable in nature.
  • Its network access is facilitated by the use of word press plug-ins.
  • It serves the marketing of the sites’ sponsored contents.
  • It enhances the business opportunities for both the advertisers and publishers by delivering several innovative features and cutting edge tools.
  • It holds a strong support team that assists both the publishers as well as the advertisers.

Services offered to Publishers:

  • It offers easy monetization of contents, so that the publishers can be able to achieve a maximum profit via the publishing of advertisements over their websites.
  • It offers high – quality content integration with the environments of website publishers or owners who are responsible for the management of those websites. As a result, the publishers will get huge revenue, improved performance of their websites and also improved user experience.
  • It delivers a variety of innovative tools and cutting edge technologies to its publishers, which makes them to earn a huge profit.
  • It offers 100% revenue and fill rates to its publishers.
  • It is best suited on all types of gadgets, so that the publishers will receive a clear response.
  • This exclusive network is often selected by some of the top level publishing brands such as Reader’s Digest, 123 Greetings, Photobucket, Little Things and ABC News.
  • The publishers can be able to perform content customization, thereby matching the contents to the website sensibilities.

Services offered to Advertisers:

  • It focuses on the ad quality by performing ad optimization and can be used together with adsense network.
  • It helps the advertisers in getting a maximum ROI rate by analyzing the actual costs.
  • The online advertisers enjoy the efficient content marketing service provided by content.ad thereby enhancing their business rates.
  • It effectively integrates advertisements and helps the advertisers for a maximum gain on their investments.
  • It offers real clicks which are consumer – driven in nature.

Payment details of Content.ad network:

  • It makes payments on a basis of Net 30 to its publishers with the payment modes of Cost Per Click and Ecpm.
  • It provides highest cpc and cpm rates, where cpc stands for clicks and cpm stands for impressions.
  • Its minimum payout value is $50.
  • Its reliable and faster payments are made via the payment portals like PayPal, Wire transfer, ACH, Check and eCheck.

Functions performed by Content.ad network:

  • Promoting or referring contents: Several thousands of clicks offered by content.ad network to the advertisers all over the world helps in promoting contents anywhere from any device. Promoting contents is very easy, flexible, quick and specific.
  • Creating or establishing contents.
  • Integrating contents.

Merits of Content.Ad network:

  • It is a highly trustable and on – time paying network when compared to the other online content marketing platforms.
  • Contains a strong team for dedicated support thereby assisting in the management of users’ accounts.
  • Helps the users (advertisers and publishers) in attaining their goals and accessing the various websites that are available in the network.
Hope this Content.Ad review will be helpful for the publishers as well as advertisers. In case you have tried it before, please share your experience with us in the comment section below.
400 Exchange, STE 250, Irvine, CA 92602

Monetization Platforms

Websites, Apps

AdNetwork Type


Targeting Method

Behavioral, Contextual

Ad Formats

Native Ads

Publisher Requirments

Not Specified
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
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Not Allowed

Payment Imformation

Net 45
PayPal, Wire transfers, Check