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Adamo Review: Adamo Advertising is a global internet advertising organization where the significant concentration is to help sponsors convey their message over our continually developing publisher network while helping them amplify their income.
Adamo always attempting to be in the loop of advertisers needs in each viewpoint and with a specific end goal to give them the capacity to convey their messages to exceptionally chose a group of audience, they are offering following features:
  • Niche targeting
  • Carrier
  • Geo-targeting
  • Time and time zone targeting
  • Language
  • Operating Systems
  • Device
  • Frequency Capping
  • IP targeting
  • Browser
At Adamo, advertisers also get the advantages of our First Impression buying technique, where all media purchasers can get to ad openings on a Bid for the early introduction, Bid per Ad Zone, Bid per Ad Method, Bid per Site, Bid per Geo Target, and to see the most astounding current offer per focus to guarantee first position availability.

Monetization Platforms

Websites, Apps

AdNetwork Type


Targeting Method

Behavioral, Demographic, Geographic, Site-Specific

Ad Formats

Pop up/Pop under, Standard Banners, Mobile Banners

Payment Imformation

Net 7, Weekly, Monthly
100 Euro
PayPal, Wire transfers

1 comment:

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    Please think again before you work with ADAMOADS.

    Do not allow your traffic to be stolen by ADAMOADS !!!
    he told me, I will send payment 3 january. He lied to me. 1 month passed, still not paid
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